Watchmen was founded in Concord, NC in June, 2020 (History Snap Shot). It began as a grassroots movement and is focused on protecting and preserving life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness for all Americans. We are an action-oriented group that strives to make positive and lasting change. We accomplish this through community outreach, civic engagement, and civil defense. We have a moral obligation to protect our communities and stand against misrepresentation, shaming, harassment, intimidation, and violence.

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Liberty Bell Foundation: Restoring a Sense of Community
Connecting people in a meaningful way is at the heart of the Liberty Bell Foundation. We are building on the foundations of fairness, liberty, and justice for all. Donations make it possible for all of us to play a significant role in creating appreciative, safe, and welcoming communities. This is accomplished through providing meals, support services, and appreciation events.