Who Are The Watchmen?

Watchmen was founded in Concord, NC in June, 2020. History Snap Shot
It began as a grassroots movement and is focused on protecting and preserving life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness for all Americans. We are an action-oriented group that strives to make positive and lasting change. We accomplish this through community outreach, civic engagement, and civil defense. We have a moral obligation to protect our communities and stand against misrepresentation, shaming, harassment, intimidation, and violence.

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  • Our core values are safety, fairness, liberty, and justice for all people
  • Our mission is to develop and maintain appreciative,
    safe, and welcoming communities

“To move the world we must move ourselves.”
Socrates (469–399 B.C.)


General meetings are utilized for connecting people, building a sense of community, developing skills, and planning. Online meetings and texting apps are also a means of communication.

As newcomers attend meetings, they will be added to established groups based on proximity. In the event individuals do not live close to any Watchmen groups, they can engage through the website and social media.

New members have the opportunity to make a difference in their communities by participating, learning, and developing within Civic Engagement and/or Civil-Defense (descriptions provided on right).

Check the “Events Tab” for meetings and special events.

Civil Defense

We have a basic structure that supports operational effectiveness. In addition, our posture is defensive, rather than aggressive or antagonistic. This means that we are willing to put ourselves on the line to defend our families and communities from those who intend to harass or harm.

We accomplish this by developing interdependent groups throughout our neighborhoods, counties, and states.

Groups who desire support from within our network must embrace our core values, mission, and basic structure. If groups or individuals choose to take a different approach (i.e., initiating violence or aggression), they will be removed from our website. Close alliances can only be maintained through shared principles and similar structure.

Categories include: home/community defense, hand to-hand, firearms, medical, comms, and intel.

Civic Engagement

We are willing to challenge unfair systems, public policies, and political correctness that negatively affects multitudes. This includes staying informed at community and state levels, gathering contact and political affiliation information on community/institution leaders, making phone calls, sending emails, creating petitions, and attending community meetings as needed.

Secondly, we support our military and first responders through hosting meal and appreciation events. In addition, we host various charity events in order to support those in need within our communities.

Categories include: education, political/citizen engagement, charity/community outreach, media, and intel.

**Check out the resources on the NC Civic Engagement group!

Rules of Engagement

While we have nothing to hide as it pertains to our ROE, we practice discretion regarding specifics on how we engage in emergency situations.


Each neighborhood group is responsible for determining their own ROE based on a variety of situations and ordinances. Once a consensus is reached on boundaries and approach, the lead sounds the call to engage.

Private Property

We encourage all to follow your local ordinances when defending such. Once threat level is determined, leads and/or commanders sound the call to engage.

Public Property

We encourage leaders to meet with local law enforcement to gain insight on how to be a support, rather than a hindrance. Allow LE to do their jobs. And in the event that they become overwhelmed, and destruction of property or violence breaks out, we encourage groups to honor their moral obligation to protect in a responsible, organized, and bold fashion. Groups who combine to provide support at central locations where civil unrest is rampant will follow chain of command on engagement.